Whether you're heading out on a road trip, commuting to work every day of the week, or getting some errands done around Marysville, nothing beats the benefits of owning a fuel-efficient car. But if you don't treat your used vehicle right, you won't be able to maximize your car's incredible fuel economy to its full advantage. Here's a look at three easy steps that Fort Gratiot drivers can take to optimize their fuel economies for their trips around the Port Huron region.

1. Check Your Tires

Your tires are key to your vehicle's fuel economy. When your car's tires have poor air pressure, you will often see reduced fuel economy as you drive around the Lexington area. In addition to that, you'll notice that your fuel economy will go down drastically if your tires' treads are significantly worn down. To get the best fuel economy possible out of your used car, be sure to keep your tires filled with the appropriate amount of air pressure and to keep track of your tires' tread depth.

2. Reduce Rapid Accelerations

Sometimes, rapidly accelerating is necessary for driving around Marysville; however, for the best fuel economy, it should be done as little as possible. Rapidly accelerating is not a great experience for any car, as it puts too much pressure on your vehicle's powertrain and causes a significant dip in fuel economy. If you want to get the best fuel economy possible, be sure to always accelerate smoothly by slowly depressing the accelerator.

3. Change Oil on Schedule

Everyone knows that oil changes are incredibly important, and our service center in Fort Gratiot is ready to help. When you take your used car to our service center for an oil change on schedule, you can expect increased fuel-efficient as you cruise around your Port Huron neighborhood. Schedule your oil change today right here on our website to get a first-class routine service experience.