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The importance of regular vehicle maintenance is often underestimated. Unfortunately, it's easy to miss a service appointment every now and then. At Michael's Car Center, we understand how hectic life can be and that keeping up with recommended upkeep often gets overlooked in favor of other responsibilities. However, we also know that you want to take good care of your investment. In order to make servicing your vehicle more convenient, our service department strives to make it a hassle-free experience, by offering car rentals so you can go about your day while we work on your vehicle. Learn more about some of the most popular services our certified technicians have to offer before browsing our inventory of used cars, trucks, and SUVs near Marysville today.

Tire Inspection

Keeping your vehicle's tires in top shape should be high on your priority list. Tires that are improperly inflated or have worn tread can be dangerous on wet or slippery roads. You also want to be sure to have your tires rotated and balanced according to your manufacturer's schedule. We'll be happy to provide these services and install a new set of tires when they're needed.

Oil Change

Although easy to overlook, your vehicle's oil is one of the most important components in ensuring your vehicle continues running. It serves a number of purposes, all vital to your daily Lexington commute. Clean oil at proper levels provides lubrication for your engine's moving parts and helps to keep it from overheating.

Fluid Checks

Along with your oil, there are a number of other fluids that should be checked with regularity to ensure appropriate levels. These include coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. Our mechanics will also check for fluid leaks and recommend replacements when necessary.

Filter Changes

Air and cabin filters should be changed as recommended. Your engine's filter is especially crucial to the functioning of your vehicle. If it gets too dirty or clogged with debris, these particles will begin to find their way into the engine, negatively affecting its performance.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

A commonly forgotten task many drivers miss is windshield wiper replacement. It may seem like a small detail, but your wipers provide maximum visibility. You don't want to get caught in the rain or a snowstorm with worn wipers. Plus, to help avoid this safety hazard, you'll also want to ensure your washer fluid is filled. If you're not sure which wipers to purchase or how exactly to install them, our team will be happy to help.

Light Testing

Another safety hazard is a burnt-out headlight or turn signal. You should check these as well as your safety hazard lights regularly. Don't forget to clean your lenses occasionally to remove dirt and grime that can obscure your headlights and taillights. Even dimming bulbs can cause problems. Let us do a test to determine if you need new bulbs or perhaps have a fuse that requires replacing.

Check Engine Light

If you're engine light flickers on while driving to work, it's not something you'll want to ignore. Even if you're not sure of the cause, it's important to have a certified technician take a closer look at your vehicle. Our team can perform diagnostic tests to determine and address the problem.

Schedule Your Next Appointment Today

If you live in the Port Huron area, it's easy to make your next service appointment with us. We perform our services on all makes and models, ensuring that it's in good hands no matter what model you drive. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your vehicle's next maintenance checkup. Meanwhile, if you're ready to trade in your vehicle for a newer model, our team can help.

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