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Michael's Car Center -- Seasonal Vehicle Servicing Near Port Huron, MI

Outside Port Huron, we know all about the change of seasons.

And while we're in the throes of summer heat and sunshine, our vehicles must perform accordingly. This true of any season, with unique demands stemming from weather and affected roads.

At Michael's Car Center, we have implemented seasonal service intervals for our valued clients to benefit from. In this effort, your vehicle is primed and ready for all challenges ahead - near Fort Gratiot or beyond.

Seasonal Service Intervals - The Premise Behind Regular Maintenance Outside Marysville, MI

Any vehicle needs to be in top form. Whether commuting from Lexington or desiring a quiet summer weekend afternoon at Lakeside Park, it's your vehicle that's safely conveying you there and back.

Though, given busied lives, vehicle servicing might often wait until a repair is required. And most often breakdowns stem from systems and parts left to disrepair and fate following.

By adhering to regular service intervals, any seasonal demand placed on a vehicle is embraced. Nothing is left to fate, with only confidence in your vehicle helping to ensure summer road trips go off without a hitch.

The Aspects of a Service Interval at the Start of Every Season

For a summary of what a seasonal service interval comprises, browse the details below.

Oil Changes

Your engine requires a different viscosity of oil for each season. Winter dictates thicker oil while summer demands thinner oil.

And when installed with every season, you're never allowing your engine the harm of oil contaminated or degraded. In this instance, important engine parts may be left damaged without proper, fresh lubrication.

Engine oil also regulates engine temperature. This a prime concern during the heat of summer.

Tire Rotations and Service

It might seem obvious that each season demands a little something different from tire assortments. Though in any event, treads need to be effective in ensuring handling and traction.

At Michael's Car Center, tire rotations evenly distribute wear across your tire assortment. This procedure also constitutes an opportune time for our factory-trained technicians to inspect tires for sidewall cracking, pressure and valve health.

And with certain patterns noted on treads, it might signal issues with brakes or wheel alignment.

Brake Systems

Brake systems comprise various parts and components. And as you may imagine, your vehicle brake system holds special significance to safe operation past Port Huron.

From rotors or discs to pads and calipers, each part needs to be free of rust or corrosion. Given location and role, parts' degradation is exponentially furthered.

By having your vehicle brake system inspected, our technicians may identify parts whose surfacing is too denuded or calipers rusted shut.

Wheel Alignment

It's often during winter, a vehicle front end meets with a fair share of abuse. This stems from those potholes and pavement seams consistently pounding away at your front wheels.

Resultingly, the angle and tilt of your front-wheel assortment will be thrown off to a degree it's felt when driving. Noticed will be a distinct veering or pull to either side, especially at high speeds along I-94.

Utilizing special equipment and tools, wheel-alignment corrections promote safer, responsive steering.

Michael's Car Center -- Cost-Saving Service Specials Featured Outside Port Huron, MI

As a courtesy to our valued clientele, Michael's Car Center offers cost-saving service specials.

So, when it's time for your service-interval appointment, any number of specials may apply. Savings may also be realized in parts installed during your procedure.

Make sure you're apprised of any specials when visiting our local, Port Huron-area service department.

Your privacy is important to us.

Michael's Car Center takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.


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